The best customer service comes from certified professionals invested in supporting their communities. With more than 20 years of experience providing just that in and around Coachella Valley, Marios Air Conditioning is a name you can trust. We’re proud to offer HVAC services that are fast, efficient and affordable for every budget. Whether you’re looking for a quick fix to a heating problem or you’d like help picking your next air conditioner, we’re happy to help.

Our staff specializes in the repair, installation and maintenance of a wide range of heating and cooling systems. We also offer an array of indoor air quality equipment, since clean and healthy indoor air is just as important for a comfortable home. We can evaluate your home’s comfort needs and recommend the best possible combination of equipment. No matter what your priority is, from energy efficiency to minimal maintenance, we won’t rest until we arrive at your ideal solution.

We’re also known for installing and servicing specialized underground HVAC systems. This is different from geothermal systems, which use the ambient temperature underground for heating and cooling. Instead, underground ductwork is often chosen for aesthetic reasons and to save space in building interiors. When ductwork is going to be installed underground, many special considerations need to be made in how it is designed, manufactured and installed. This ensures it performs efficiently and reliably in such a unique environment. Don’t hesitate to call our experienced team at Marios Air Conditioning to learn more about your underground HVAC options.

Starting a new construction project? Planning the heating, cooling and ventilation systems at the same time can help lower costs and keep things moving smoothly. Our installers can help you provide top-quality HVAC systems for your new construction.

The next time you’re frustrated by slow or inconsistent service, don’t settle for disappointment. Call Marios Air Conditioning for the higher standard of customer support you deserve. To schedule an appointment, request a free quote or whatever else you’d like, give us a call today at 760-314-4766.

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